Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From a Chef's Point of View...

It all started last Wednesday night when I decided to try a new/different restaurant and it failed me...
Atlanta, Ga., "The foodie city of the south" has hundreds of restaurants and countless amazing food markets.  Some of the best food in the world should be at our doorsteps.  And yet my experience has been the contrary: the service is poor, the food is sub-par, the atmosphere pitiable or all three at once.
As a Chef, perhaps a future restaurant owner, and a die-hard optimist I keep an ever-growing list of "Things I Won't Have In My Restaurant".  My personal mantra is "What can I learn from this"?
For this blog I plan to eat out at least once a week and report back to you with my recommendations.

My expectations: Friendly, professional, inviting service and quality food that will call me back again and again.
The Result: Chef turned underground restaurant critic.....dun..dun...dun..grab the apron and the whisk, suddenly I feel like a superhero..The Chef-Critic is watching you!